About Opus

Retirement villages dedicated to ensuring your comfort and happiness, making your well-being our top priority.

The UK’s Most Luxurious Retirement Villages

With a senior management team that’s worked together on some of the UK’s most luxurious retirement villages, Opus is a new company with decades of experience. Everyone here brings passion, commitment and extensive training to ensure your comfort and happiness.

Opus is backed by ActivumSG, a €2+ billion equity fund with investments in some of Europe and the UK’s finest providers of later-life solutions.

Our Leadership

Responsible for some of the finest retirement communities in England, the Opus Senior Management Team bring years of experience.

Why Opus

There are numerous compelling reasons to consider Opus for your later living arrangements. With its exquisite properties, luxurious surroundings, exceptional company, and top-notch service, Opus offers an unparalleled experience that makes it the ideal choice for your next move.

Opus Vision

Delve deeper into the driving forces behind the Opus team and our visionary perspective on the future of later living. Explore our motivations and gain insight into our vision as we pave the way for a transformative experience in senior living.

Land Required

Opus seeks land for luxurious later-living communities. If you have suitable land for an Opus retirement village, we’d love to hear from you. Let’s shape the future of later living together.

Our FAQ’s

Find answers to commonly asked questions.

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