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All you need to know about owning a property at an Opus Retirement Village

Insights Into Owning a Property With Opus Villages

Whether you are moving to an Opus later living community for the beautiful environment, security, fantastic facilities or care and support, we understand that any move, especially in later life, is a big step. You will also want to fully understand everything that owning a property at Opus entails.

The Lease

All Opus properties are sold on a leasehold basis, with the term of the lease being 999-years or balance thereof. This approach ensures continuity of all services and that the buildings, estate and environment are maintained to impeccable standards at all times. The lease is a legal document that sets out your responsibilities as the lessee (owner of the property) and those of Opus as the freeholder and landlord. Copies of the lease are available upon request and your solicitor will advise on your obligations as a leaseholder.

Service Charge

One of the great benefits of owning within an Opus complete later living retirement community is the range of communal facilities and support services dedicated to making life more enjoyable. Village Apartment and Village Suite owners pay a charge for the Opus service package and to ensure all buildings, communal areas, gardens and facilities are maintained to the very highest standard. The service charge is levied on a per-property basis (not per-person) and is the same amount for each property.

Selling Your Property

When the time comes to sell your property, Opus offer a free estate agency service to market your property. Our experienced Village Advisers will be able to advise on what price the apartment should be marketed for as well as how to make the property most attractive to potential purchasers.

If you wish, you can instruct a local estate agent either in addition or instead of our services, although you will be responsible for any fees they charge. Prior to placing the property on the market, you must first give Opus the option to purchase at the price you intend to sell it at. If Opus does not purchase the property, you are free to sell it to another party at this price. If you subsequently decide to sell for a lower price, then you must offer it to Opus first at this lower figure. In the majority of cases, Opus do not exercise this pre-emption right.

Community Facilities Fee

Opus make a substantial investment in providing a luxury village environment with extensive and superior communal facilities for all residents to enjoy. We seek a return on this investment over the lifetime of the development through the Community Facilities Fee. Without this fee, Opus would not be able to provide such extensive facilities.

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